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28 Pads/Bag (14 Pairs) The Ginger Extract Detox Foot Pads*Remove Toxins and extra moisture* Regulate gastrointestinal function and promote digestion*...
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28 Pads/Bag (14 Pairs)

The Ginger Extract Detox Foot Pads
*Remove Toxins and extra moisture
* Regulate gastrointestinal function and promote digestion
* Improve blood circulation
* Improve metabolism and immunity

Main ingredients:  Ginger, Bamboo vinegar, Wood Vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitin,
Loquat Leaf, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb, Vitamin C, Doxtrin etc.

Product Functionality: It helps to

1. Remove toxins from the body, promote blood circulation and metabolism,
improve body organ's function, improve immunity.
2. Promole sleep, relieve fatigue, to be energetic.
3. Remove the body moisture, quickly rolieve the pressure on a foot or jolnt parts
Al Activation of cells, reproducing hoalthy skin, clossy stato, anurgeng.

Applicable For:

• Health-conscious and fitness-oriented people.
• People sulfering from constipation, bad breath, body or foot odour.
• Jobs that require long hours of tacing the computer.
• Prolonged standing or walking.
• Neck shoulders, waist legs pain or has some swelling.

How To Use:

1. Clean your feet well.
2. Take out the pad, peel off the release paper of the adhesive pad.
3. Place the detox foot pad in the middle of the adhesive pad (The soft side contact the skin).
4. Place the pad on the foot and other uncomfortable parts of the body, each pad for 6-8 hours.


1. Should be used immediately after outer packaging is opened,
2. Do not remove the powder from the pad.
3. Keep feet dry when in use,
4. Product may leak onto socks and sties while in uso.
5. Children under 12 years of age, pregnant and nursing women, and those with any health conditions
or taking medications should consult your health professional prior to using this product.
6. If swallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.
7. This product is not designed to diagnose, cure or treat disease.
8. Discontinue use if symptoms occur,
9. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Storage: sealed, keep it in a cool and dry place.

Packaging Details: 28 Pads/Bag (14 Pairs)